Online System That Builds A Sales Force In The Cloud!

Do you manage sales with phones, faxes, and email? Selling is too competitive for that. You should have leads coming in. Leads should be assigned and tracked daily. Contacts, leads, and salesmen should be in a database. You need software to control salesmen and selling activity - software that works online!

Sales System manages 20 salesmen online

Sales System imposes structure on the selling process. It puts an end to salesmen rogue behavior that drives sales managers nuts. Leads go into Sales System. They are assigned to a salesman. As sales manager, you have a comprehensive view over everyone's activity. If a lead sits, you'll know it. If a salesman doesn't perform, you'll know that too. Sales System gives you the environment to handle leads and salesmen. It gives you the tool you need to kick sales up to the next level.

What do you do with your leads? Do you print them and give them to someone? Do you send an email? Or make a phone call? You can't operate like this is today's tough economy. You need all leads into a central location where your salesmen can work them as shown above. Is this how you work? You should. It's not hard or expensive.

Get things are organized. Gather leads from Web sites, call ins, and emails into Sales System. Build an online sales team. It doesn't matter where they are. Sales System is web based. There are no downloads or installs. Implement Sales System for pennies a day!